08 JUN' 11

Recharge your body and brain. Challenge yourself. Find enlightenment and energy. Join a group of active professionals for a fun vacation. Experience through team competitions, physical endurance, mental challenges, sightseeing, body relaxation, great food and exposure to new cultures that lead to a complete refreshment of your body and mind.

    For physical challenges we will break-up into team and compete in friendly environment against each other in skills of adventurous team sports such as: whitewater rafting, swimming, sailing, speed mountain hiking, water skiing or sand dune riding.
    To refresh our minds we will plan a set of team activities to get exposed to authentic history, culture, flora and fauna such as: trips to abundant ghost towns and gold mines, whale watching, mountains, waterfalls etc.
    To relax bodies from physical exercise we will select from Yoga, dancing, sun bathing, or simply relaxing on the lake beach.
    We plan to have a menu mix of healthy, tasty, authentic cuisines prepare by local cooking enthusiasts and restaurants.

At first, we at RIS Ventures designed this vacation for ourselves, then we realized that it is unique and many can benefit from it to reset from fatigue and stress, so we can return energized and open-minded for creative and hard work through the year.


Entrepreneurs & intellectual business professionals with an active lifestyle:

    Exhausted from work
    Seeking inspirations & creativity
    Looking for personal identity
    Having an idea crisis
    Changing projects/business thinking things through
    Exploring new cultures and environments
    Looking for fun, one of a kind, never to repeat vacation


Deep Dive experts will be invited as guests for Recharge and will be joining us in informal settings. Speakers presented at Deep Dive program include industry renowned experts from the Silicon Valley who share their stories and life experiences.

Special participant fee for ISDEF members.

Details (in Russian) and registration

Contact Information

To enroll Recharge, please contact:

Anastasia Lee

Education Program Coordinator


tel.: +7 495 766 3088