ISDEF and RUSSOFT announce partnership

July 15, 2008, Moscow -- The Independent Software Developers Forum (ISDEF) and the RUSSOFT, a software developers association, today announced the start of their collaboration to combine their efforts in representing the interests of Russian software development and publishing companies. A number of joint marketing and educational events planned by the alliance will focus on promoting the Russian software development brand on the international market and facilitating the advancement of the national software development industry.

The agreement between the associations was reached on June 27, 2008 in Saint-Petersburg at a RUSSOFT board session. During this session, Alexander Lyskovsky, chairman of the ISDEF board, outlined the goals and priorities of the ISDEF to the members of the RUSSOFT board. The members of the RUSSOFT board also described the work of their association in the areas of lobbying legislation changes and promoting the Russian software development brand in the western markets.

The parties reaffirmed their intention to join forces in dealing with complex issues relating to lobbying software industry interests in the Russian government and the State Duma. Creation of a positive image of the Russian software development industry in mass media and analytical reports was selected as the second priority task of the alliance.

Participation of the ISDEF delegation, which made several presentations regarding the state of the Russian retail software market, in the annual RUSSOFT Software Development Summit can be considered the first step toward establishing a lasting partnership.

Further cooperation between the associations will be based on a coordinated action plan, which includes joint participation in various IT-related events, collaborative market research and other initiatives.

The parties agreed that presentations by key members of the ISDEF and RUSSOFT boards, as well as the participation of the chairman of the ISDEF board in the efforts of the RUSSOFT management team, would be the key in mutual cooperation efforts. The parties further agree that they will review and report on the specific results and benefits of this cooperation as well as its prospects within one year.

V. Makarov     A. Lyskovsky
President     Chairman of the Board


Created in 2002, the non-profit Independent Software Developers Forum focuses on representing and protecting the interests of software developers and other players on the IT market. ISDEF unites independent software developers, registrars, software distributors, representatives of software archives and other members of the software industry.

The main goals of the association are: improvement of the software development and implementation process; growth and development of the software e-commerce industry; and strengthening of the position of Russian developers on the international software market.


RUSSOFT is an association of leading Russian and Belarussian software development companies uniting over 60 businesses with more than 24,000 employees and combined earnings of over $750 million. The association is committed to a long-term policy of lobbying favorable legislation for the software development industry and hosts marketing and educational events in Russia and abroad.

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