Preliminary structure of the reports and sections:

Plenary meeting:

  • ISDEF association and conference. Dmitriy Kurashev (Famatech, ISDEF).
  • DR: e-commerce solutions and marketing services. DigitalRiver
  • Internet Sales and Internet Distribution of Software in Russia. Felix Muchnik (SoftKey)

Software Marketing:

  • Methods of Successful Brands Creating. Michael Penkovskiy (Agnitum Ltd)
  • Methods of Improving Partnership Programs Efficiency. Nikolay Vasiliev (Agnitum Ltd)
  • Analysis of Advertising Efficiency in Global and Local IT Magazines. Dmitriy Kurashev (Famatech)
  • Practical Aspects of SEO System for German Search Engine. Igor Prosov (Izosoft)
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization. Dave Collins (SharewarePromotions Ltd.)
  • Internet Advertising in IT Sales. Kirill Gotovtsev (RLE)
  • The Website as a Sales Tool. Dave Collins (SharewarePromotions Ltd.)
  • Relationship Networking and Partnering. Sharon Housley (NotePage, Inc.)
  • Bitrix: Web-analysis Complex Analysis of Marketing Efficiency on the Website of a Software Company. Sergey Rizhikov (Bitrix)
  • A Global Solution for a Global Economy. Gerrit Schumann (element 5)
  • Affiliate Marketing Today. Brant Pallazza (DR Shareware)
  • Common Myths and Misconceptions About Consumer Shareware. David Halls (eMetrix)

Programs and Antifraud Protection:

  • Antifraud system "Suspicious Mind". Alexei Shtol
  • Activatesoft.NET. Anton Baranchuk
  • Round-table discussion of antifraud activity
  • Round-table discussion of anticrack activity
  • Round-table discussion of antipiracy activity

Juridical, legal and corporate issues:

  • Copyright Assignment Agreement for Software Products According to the Russian Federation legislation: Features and Significance. Igor Mocniy (ElcomSoft)
  • E-Commerce Directive and Application of the EU Copyright Directive. Kolosovskiy Alexander (International Legal Councels PLLC)
  • Corporate Building of a Software Business or Legal Aspects of a Corporation Organization and Activity. Dmitriy Dubograev (International Legal Councels PLLC)
  • Business Rights Violation by the Tax Police and Trends of their Defence in the Court. Practical Experience. Andrew Philipov (advocatory Bureau "YUS Gentium")

Computer Games:

Analysis of Games Distribution through the Internet at Present and Trends of its Development in Future. Alexander Liskovskiy (Alawar Entertainment)

  • Publisher and Developer in the shareware-games Industry. Description of a Business-model Based on the Example of Alawar Entertainment Company. Andrew Postnikov (Alawar Entertainment)
  • Mac Games. Sergey Stolbov (TERMINAL Studio)
  • Low-budget Scoring of Computer Games: Secrets of Success and Typical Mistakes. Nikolay Rakushin (MediaResearchGroup)
  • Round-table discussion devoted to engines and libraries used for a small games development. Albert Khakimov (ArkonGames), Pavel Lebedev (Relish Games), Olga Lirk(MoleStudio)

The Internet, Websites and Graphics:

  • Presentation of Websites Devoted to Software in the Internet Searching Systems. Alexander Sadovskiy (Yandex)
  • Usability-testing at home. Vladimir Golovach (Usethics)
  • Web-usability, difference from usability. Features of Web-interface Design. Andrew Udalov ("Makhaon Group")
  • The Way to Order a Design. Michael Granin (Softidentity)
  • Creation of an Automatic Technical Support Service on the Bitrix Basis: Site Managing. Sergey Rizhikov (Bitrix)

Investments to the IT-business

  • What makes the cost of a software business? Oleg Shenker ( "FINAM")
  • Transformation of Technologies into a Practical Business or Different Ways of raising money from high-tech VC and Cooperation with them on Building a Company. Dr. Alexander Galitsky (AV Galitsky Holding BV)

Outsourcing and Development

  • World-wide Secret: Catalogue of Software Developers. Yuri Ushakov (Silicon Taiga)
  • New Microsoft Tools for Developers. Dmitriy Martinov and Alexei Ozerov (Microsoft)
  • Support Programs for Developers from SYBASE. Natalya Alyoshina (Sybase)
  • CIS Territory and IT-service Export: Competition or Cooperation? Sergey Makedonskiy (Market-Visio)
  • Solutions for a Corporate Market: Evolution or Revolution. Victor Senkevich (PayBot)
  • Software Quality Networks: Why, Where, How. Robert Treffny (ISQI)
  • Features of Developing Mass Searching and Communication Internet-services. Ilya Segalovich (Yandex)
  • Internet Sales. Continuity is Critical. Larisa Polyakova (IBS/DATAFORT)
  • Current Situation and Trends of Linux Desktop Use in Russia. Evgeniy Sokolov (LINUX-ONLINE)
  • Problems of a User-interface Design While Developing a software. Platon Dneprovskiy (UIDesign)

Here is a list of sections at ISDEF'2004 conference:

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