1. Obtaining a visa for Russia

If, as a conference participant, you will be staying at the Holiday Inn, the hotel will provide you with the invitation necessary for obtaining a Russian visa, free of charge. For this you must complete a form and fax it to the hotel reservation department (+7 095 9370672). You can download this form at http://isdef.org/download/visa2005.doc.

Should you have any questions regarding obtaining an invitation, you may write to reservations@himv.ru or telephone the hotel at +7 095 9370670.

To obtain your Russian visa, you must then apply to the local Russian Consulate, bringing with you the invitation you have received and all other required documents.

2. Transfer from the airport

The Holiday Inn provides free transportation from the Sheremetyevo 1 and Sheremetyevo 2 airports to the hotel and back. As of August, the hotel bus will be operating according to a fixed schedule.

In the event that transfer is required from another airport, please complete the form provided and fax it to +7 495 9370672. On the form the flight number, where the guest(s) are arriving from, the number of persons and the airport in Moscow must be indicated. A hotel representative will meet the guest at the airport near the exit from Customs Control, holding a Holiday Inn placard with the name of the guest written on it.

You can download the necessary form at http://isdef.org/download/3rdparty.doc.

If you have any questions regarding ordering a taxi from the airport, you may write to reservations@himv.ru or telephone the hotel  at +7 495 9370670.