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Friday, May 30, 2008
16:00 19:00 Arrival and registration for the conference. Hotel check-in will begin at 17:00.
19:00 24:00 Supper and evening events  
Saturday, May 31, 2008
9:00 10:00 Breakfast and registration for the conference
10:00 10:15 Opening of the conference and welcome remarks by Alexander Lyskovsky, chairman of ISDEF  
10:15 11:30 Roundtable: «What causes personnel crises: people, money or company policies?"»
Alexander Lyskovsky, moderator, Alawar Entertainment)
Andrey Nikishin, Kaspersky Lab
Maxim Tsyplaev, Acronis
Ashot Oganesyan, SmartLine
11:30 11:45 Coffee break  
11:45 13:00 Roundtable: «Why set up house in the U.S. if it's sunnier in the Bahamas?»
Alexander Katalov, moderator, ElcomSoft
Maxim Tsyplaev, Acronis
Dmitri Dubograev,
Gorlov Michael, Tax Consulting UK
Maxim Pervunin, Tax Consulting UK
13:00 14:00 Roundtable: «How much does it cost to get a patent and protect it in court?»
Michael Kalinichenko, moderator, StarForce
George Bardmesser,
Vladimir Katalov, ElcomSoft
Alexandre Kolosovski, International Legal Counsels
Igor Motsnyi, Pepeliajev, Goltsblat and partners
Valerik Puschin, APPP
Anna Lavrinova, APPP
14:00 15:00 Dinner
15:00 16:00 Roundtable:
«Investment consultants: How can they help and how can they hinder your efforts to find an investor?»

Alexander Galitsky, moderator, Almaz Capital Partners
Alexey Gostomelsky, ValueTech Advisers
Roman Simonov, Intel Capital
Alexander Alpern, Apaxys Global Ventures
Dmitri Dubograev,
Michael Kalinichenko, StarForce
16:00 17:00 Roundtable:
«What are investors: people who give you money or people who take away your business?»

Alexander Galitsky, moderator, Almaz Capital Partners
Maxim Tsyplaev, Acronis
Igor Ashmanov, Ashmanov and partners
Alexander Lyskovsky, Alawar Entertainment
Pavel Bogdanov, Almaz Capital Partners
Andrey Golovin, Almaz Capital Partners
Alexandre Kolosovski, femida.EU
18:00 24:00 Supper and evening events
21:00 23:00 Nautilus entertainment center (bowling, billiards, air hockey, etc.)
Sunday, June 1, 2008
9:00 10:00 Breakfast
10:00 11:00 Roundtable: «Are all the registrars equally useful?»
Dmitry Kurashev, moderator, Famatech
Felix Moochnick, Softkey
Tetyana Franke, share-it!
Maarten Blaierfeld, element5
Daryosch Homa, asknet AG
Vladimir Katalov, ElcomSoft
11:00 12:00 Roundtable: «Who needs the developers' support programs more: us or them?»?;
Michael Philippenko, moderator, FastReports
Vitaly Ozhigov, Microsoft
Vladimir Katalov, ElcomSoft
Mikhail Gerasimov, TulaSoft
Igor Siticov, SiComponents
Oleg Fedorov, Oxygen Software
Isakov Nikolaj, Intel
12:00 13:00 Roundtable: «PR managers: rainmakers or money squanderers?»
Tatiana Chernova, moderator, Alawar Entertainment
Tatiana Tsvetkova, Softkey
Alexander Bykov, PR Newswire Europe
Denis Zenkin, Perimetrix
Anton Levchuk, Famatech
Evgenia Kolobukhova,
Denis Nazarenko,
Olga Koksharova, ElcomSoft
13:00 14:00 Lunch
14:00 15:00 Roundtable: «The Russian market — myth or reality?»
Roman Polyak, moderator, Alawar Entertainment
Dmitriy Rumayntsev, Softkey
Lev Matvejev, SoftInform
Ashot Oganesyan, SmartLine
Dmitry Kurashev, Famatech
Pavel Kozlovsky, keepsoft
15:00 16:00 Roundtable:«The first step to going offline — get away from the computer and take a walk outside. But where should you go?»
Dmitry Harchenko, moderator, InfoWatch
Natalia Kasperskaya, InfoWatch
Maxim Tsyplaev, Acronis
Dmitry Kurashev, Famatech
Michael Philippenko, FastReports
Alexander Katalov, ElcomSoft
16:00 17:00 Roundtable: «ISDEF — who are we, where are we going and what do we want to find once we get there?» Also, a presentation of the plans for reorganization of the association and the format of future conferences.  
19:00 24.00 Banquet and entertainment
Monday, June 2, 2008
9:00 12.00 Breakfast, sauna, check-out
12:00 Bus to Moscow to the metro station Shodnenskaja  
14:00 Bus to Moscow to the metro station Shodnenskaja