Q.: Why can I not pay my conference fee immediately?
A.: The ISDEF organizing committee needs to first review your application with respect to the availability of places at the conference, as well as the possibility of accommodating you in the hotel according to your application. Generally this does not take more than two business days.

Q.: I am not satisfied with the standard period of stay offered in the application. What can I do?
A.: It should be remembered that the ISDEF organizing committee reserves rooms in the hotel only for a specific time period. If you need to reserve a hotel room for a different period, please contact the reservation service of the hotel where the conference will take place.  

Q.: I want to reserve a first-class suite, but it is not on the list of rooms available.
A.:  In the space provided for comments on your application, please indicate that you require a first-class suite, and do not indicate the type of stay. We will consider your request. There are a number of 2-, 3- and 4-room luxury suites available.

Q.:  I would like to bring my wife/girlfriend/friend as a guest of the conference. How shall I fill in the application correctly?

A.: Such cases are exceptional and are considered by the ISDEF organizational committee separately. You should fill in a separate application form for your guest and note, for example, ‘Ivan Petrov’s wife, without participation in the conference’ in the space provided for comments. If the organizing committee agrees to it, your guest will not be charged for participation in the conference.

Q.: (ISDEF member) I fill in all the necessary fields in the application, but it keeps saying that not all the fields have been completed. Is this a website error?

A.: No, this is not an error. Your personal data must be filled in completely. You may do this in your control panel.

Q.: I would like my stay at the hotel to include a one-day break, for example, to check in on the 10th and stay until the 12th and then again from the 14th to the 16th. How can I do this?  
A.: Unfortunately, this is not an option, because the organizing committee reserves rooms for the entire period of the conference and such an arrangement is impossible.

Q.: When filling in the application form I made a mistake and the application form wouldn’t let me correct it. What shall I do?

A.: You should contact the organizational committee of the conference by å-mail and indicate the number of your application.  

Q.: I am an ISDEF member, but when I fill in the application form, the fee I am charged for participation in the conference is the same as that for non-members. Is this a mistake?

A.: To receive a discount for participation in the ISDEF conference, you need to be logged-in to the ISDEF website under your own account, and to have paid your membership fee for the current year.