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29th April 2006, Saturday

Opening address/Welcome

Felix Moochnick Felix Moochnick

Independent Software Developers Forum
Topic language Russian

How Microsoft marketing tools, resources and programs can help ISV geo expansion

Vitaly Ozhigov Vitaly Ozhigov

ISV contact manager
Topic language Russian

Differences and particularities of Distribution and Re-sellers Agreements in the European Union member states.

Alexandre Kolosovski Alexandre Kolosovski

International Legal Counsels PLLC (, France
EU office partner
1) Practical consequences from the most vulnerable conditions of agreements:
- Review of a typical distributor and reseller agreements (on-line and off line re selling and distribution: the difference)

2) Practical points of agreement negotiations and essential conditions to discuss prior to signature:
- Liability and its limitation;
- NDA clauses;
- Professional insurance and guaranties
- Taxation;
- Law and jurisdiction;
- Making compatible EULAs clauses.
Topic language Russian

Multi-Channel Strategies for Europe's Largest Markets

Phil Schnyder Phil Schnyder

Avanquest Publishing
Director Business Development
Strategies for online, retail, and corporate distribution in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the UK. This presentation will focus on giving an overview of the different channels in each country.
- Different characteristics of retail and corporate channels in each territory
- Major retail partners in each territory.
- Where to launch first?
- Tips for successfully launching products in new markets
- Setting up online sales and marketing
- How to get products into retail stores
- How to get corporate products into the reseller channel
Topic language English

All you have to know about French market (PART 1)

Regis Habert Regis Habert

Ayanta (a Company)
Operations Manager
The French retail market in 2006
1) Status and organization of the French distribution channels
2) Size and potential of the channels
3) Is the French market really so special?
4) Do's and don't to penetrate the French retail market
5) Ayanta the French specialist
Topic language English

All you have to know about French market (PART 2)

Christian Desert Christian Desert
Head of International Business
The French ESD Business in 2006
1) Overview of the French Internet Market
2) E-commerce: What France into Europe?
3) French E-commerce buyer's profile and behaviour
4) E.S.D. in France: A new channel to drive
5) the French specialist
Topic language English

All you have to know about French market (PART 3)

Alexey Fyodorov Alexey Fyodorov

Kaspersky Labs
Online & Retail Sales Director
How to success on French Market
1) Challenges you will inevitably face when approaching French market.
2) First-to-do things you need to make success happen.
3) How much to spend?
Topic language Russian

Creating and Incentivizing a Reseller Network

Christian Blume Christian Blume

cleverbridge AG
1. Key Success Factors in Attracting Resellers
2. Working with Resellers
3. Incentivizing Resellers
4. Analyzing Reseller Performance
Topic language English

Conquering the European Software Market - Metrics and Trends

Luca Giannone Luca Giannone

1) General market trends
2) Geographical breakdown of the share-it! market by publishers and shareware buyers
3) Russian publishers: are you targeting the right markets?
4) The software market is moving: future revenue opportunities and niches
5) How share*it! contributes to increase software sales
Topic language English

A cost effective approach to marketing strategy for online software vendors

Andreea Dinu Andreea Dinu

GECAD ePayment
Key Account Manager
1. Sell online, True or False (facts and figures)
2. What to do for your website
3. Thinking webmarketing as cost-effective
Topic language English

How to get into PR, hike up ROI and fun!

Michela Sangalli Michela Sangalli

Sangalli M&C srl
- Europe Marcom (marketing communication) scenario: think global, act - local
- The software market in Europe: how to approach marketing & communication
- The benefit of marketing & communication for your Company
- How to define a good campaign
- How to measure the results of your campaign
Topic language English

PR in Germany - how to be present in the Media

Juergen Haekel Juergen Haekel

Prolog Communications GmbH
General Manager
- How to deal with the media in German-speaking countries in general - The media landscape.
(Advertising and media relations / Media overview / Saturation / Acceptance)
- Requirements / skills / expertise for an effective start and successful ongoing media relations.
- Input needed - Basic material on an ongoing basis is very important.
- Several ways of pitching the media: How to address the editors to get coverage.
Topic language English

Panel discussion - Software promotion on European markets: tradeshows, PR activities & building reseller network

Alex Fyodorov (Kaspersky Labs), Alexander Andreev (PROMT), Michael Kalinichenko (Starforce), Vitaliy Schipitsin (Smartline), Dmitry Kurashev (Famatech), Alexander Katalov (Elcomsoft), Den Zenkin (InfoWatch) Alex Fyodorov (Kaspersky Labs), Alexander Andreev (PROMT), Michael Kalinichenko (Starforce), Vitaliy Schipitsin (Smartline), Dmitry Kurashev (Famatech), Alexander Katalov (Elcomsoft), Den Zenkin (InfoWatch)
During this panel/roundtable discussion the top managers of several successful Russian software companies will share their experience how they work in European markets, and then answer the questions of moderator and attendees. The main questions to be discussed are concerned to participating in tradeshows, working with PR-agencies and colaborating with resellers.

Moderator - Dmitry Kurashev (Famatech)
Topic language Russian