A significant proportion of ISDEF members are companies who have been working in the software sector for many years. Over these years they have accumulated considerable experience and numerous contacts. Membership in ISDEF allows them to exchange valuable expertise with each other, and also to avoid making the many mistakes made by others.

Specifically, ISDEF gives its members access to:

  • a database of “useful contacts” which facilitates the search for partners (for example, regional resellers);
  • a “black list” of those active in the market who have acquired an unfavourable reputation;
  • a system for protecting members from fraudulent orders for the purposes of credit-card theft, etc.

In addition, ISDEF takes it upon itself to organize and support active forums, where one may obtain advice or discuss topical issues with other members of the association.

ISDEF enjoys substantial discounts with many organizations providing essential services for software producers, such as the composing and distribution of press-releases, design, advertising, etc. Many ISDEF members themselves offer their software products and services free to other members. In addition, ISDEF members receive a large discount when registering for ISDEF events (conferences, seminars, etc).

The association represents the interests of its members before other important players in the international e-commerce market: major software archives (Tucows, Download.com, and others) and registration services (RegNow, ShareIt!, etc). The majority of key services provide ISDEF members with additional benefits (priority support, discounts). Plus, association members have the ability to do something individual developers are unable to do – actively influence the direction of development of these services.
ISDEF organizes consultations with legal, economic and technical experts for its members.

ISDEF organizes consultations with legal, economic and technical experts for its members.

The association carries out testing and certification of the software products of its members. Such certification confirms the high quality of a product and plays a significant role in the product’s positive evaluation by reviewers from software archives and computing publications.

This professional alliance of software developers possesses the ability to engage in legal dialogue with government organizations, resulting in the passing of legislation that is favourable to business.

Membership in ISDEF is an indication of professionalism, enabling a company to create a positive image for itself.