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Plenar Session

Section date(s) : 19.10.2007

Katalov Alexander, akatalov@gmail.com

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  • Welcome from the conference commitee
  • Microsoft 2008 - new possibilities for software developers
  • Google and independent software developers
  • "E-Commerce and Digital Distribution with Arvato"
  • Digital distribution in Europe: be local to get global growth!
  • Softkey & Russian software market
  • "Trends, problems, and Russian software market growth"
  • "Anatomy of company business model"

Business Growth

Section date(s) : 19.10.2007

Galitsky Alexander, alexander@galitsky.com

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  • Panel discussion: "Investment attractiveness of Russian origin companies which are focused on the global market"
  • Panel discussion: "Investment attractiveness of software companies which are focused on the Russian market place"
  • Panel discussion: "Company growth: will a change be necessary in the product delivery process?"
  • Panel discussion: "Company growth by acquiring teams: is it beneficial for both sides?"
  • Panel: "Success stories from industry captains"


Section date(s) : 20.10.2007; 21.10.2007

Kurashev Dmitry, dsk@entensys.com

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  • PR in the UK
  • Penetrating Foreign Markets Suggestions on getting products into foreign markets
  • Selling software in German Speaking Europe
  • Introduction and method of entry to Software markets in Japan, China and Taiwan
  • Internationalisation of sales/websites
  • Ukraine as growing software market - how to promote your products there
  • Panel discussion: selling software on the emerging markets (Middle East, Latin America)
  • Natalya Kaspersky - sharing an experience in the worldwide OEM sales development
  • Panel discussion: Problems related to Pay-per-Click advertising
  • Panel discussion: Pay-per-Click advertising advantages
  • Panel discussion: Creative PR
  • Panel discussion: Alternative e-commerce - micropayments and more
  • Increase your Market Share through Comprehensive Partner Network
  • Global eCommerce solutions based on modern and flexible Software Architecture
  • Doing E-Business Globally
  • Affiliates versus Resellers, which one to choose?
  • How to be successful in Europe?
  • Factors that influence cart abandonment rates
  • Digital River View of Worldwide Software. How do Russians Rank?
  • Panel discussion: All e-commerce providers face to face
  • First step within Media Relations
  • International PR: Case Study of an actual market entry of a Russian Software Company in Europe
  • PR in Germany - The Approach to the Media
  • PR in US - Make yourself known on the largest IT-market
  • PR-efforts coordination
  • Client-oriented business: It kills loyalty programs and replaces marketing
  • Panel discussion: Publishing - different approaches

Legal questions and IP rights protection

Section date(s) : 20.10.2007

Bakay Yuri, isdef@mindcruncher.com

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  • Main principles and approaches to Intellectual Rights protection
  • New rules for Russian software development companies. What can we expect after January 1st, 2008?
  • Workshop Patents for Beginners
  • Using juridical methods in competition, StarForce experience
  • Trademark Searchdetermining the availability of the mark for use and registration. Use of free, online resources.
  • Software distribution contracts practical aspects of negotiations with the EC based Distributors. Some concrete examples. Protection of Intellectual property rights in European Union and electronic commerce regulation update and practice. What is important in working on the EC market.
  • Ways to get finance for the Russian companies
  • Typical Blunders of Software Investments (or "How to Put Out a Fire Before It Started")

Staff management

Section date(s) : 21.10.2007

Lyskovsky Alexander, lyskovsky@alawar.com

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  • Change of motivations and methods of personnel management during growth of the company
  • Employee incentives
  • Culture of Corporation in perception of the Russian employee Why does it works?
  • How to manage personnel located in other cities and countries
  • Lost in translation
  • Momentary directional impetus techniques in leader's practice
  • How to control managers and programmers in a large number of small and medium projects taking place simultaneously