Independent Software Developers Forum announces ISDEF Spring 2012, the eighth spring conference, will take place 20-23 April in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. SOKOS OLYMPIA GARDEN Hotel will offer one's services for discussion of questions of software business.

Friday is taken away for check-in and a welcome party. Saturday and Sunday will be the working days of conference.

The format of this year's ISDEF Spring conference will be a series of round tables that will cover virtually every aspect of end-user software development business -- from legal issues and human resource management to PR and marketing. The conference is expected to be visited by over 200 participants.

The primary goal of the organizers of ISDEF Spring is to create an atmosphere that will encourage participants' face-to-face communication, sharing of experience and establishing personal contacts.

The main topics to be covered at the conference are:

  • New software development methods
  • Marketing and software sales techniques
  • Legal aspects of the work of software companies
  • HR management and staffing
  • PR services in IT companies

The fee for attending the conference is $150. ISDEF members can attend for free.

You must register to take part in the conference!

IMPORTANT: All foreign nationals are required to have entry visas to travel to the Russian Federation.