02 APR' 20

Independent Software Developers Forum (ISDEF), which is the àssociation of IT business owners, and RUSSOFT - the largest association of software companies in Russia, urge all participants of the IT market to join our common initiative - "In the same boat"!

Participants of this initiative provide opportunities for free usage of their software products and services as part of user support during the COVID-19 epidemic. The initiators and participants of the initiative are the companies:

1) TrueConf provides TrueConf Server for free for academic institutions.

2) SearchInform offers a range of business support measures when transferring employees to remote workplaces.

3) fCoder provides perpetual licenses of Print Conductor and FolderMill for free for healthcare organisations.

4) Fast Reports provides free licenses of FastReport .NET and FastCube .NET for medical institutions and those involved in medical analytics.

5) Daminion Softwareprovides medical institutions with 6 months (and 3 months for any type of organizations) of free usage of the Daminion Local multi-user digital asset management system.

6) Microolap Technologies provides their flag product EtherSensor for free to medical and educational institutions, as well as companies that provide cloud services and secure remote access to their customers.

7) iSpring has provided free access to its flagship product iSpring Suite course designer for school teachers.

8) Acronis Infoprotect provides a free license for AlarmFront Monitoring for a period of 12 months (up to 100 objects) for the organization of monitoring and protection of remote objects.

9) AlarmFront provides a free license for AlarmFront Monitoring for a period of 12 months (up to 100 objects) for the organization of monitoring and protection of remote objects.

10) IT-company LAD offers for free for 3 months for building remote workplaces the office suite “P7-office Professional”, Mind company solutions for organizing webinars and conferences, as well as the ROSA Virtualization system.

11) Call Office is offering free licenses for medical organizations for the duration of the pandemic, to organize mass-scale automated calls to check up on how people are observing quarantine measures and how they are feeling while self-isolating at home.

12) Adguard is providing a free 3-month license for any 3 devices to ensure ad and tracker blocking, and thus clean and private web surfing. Valid for most popular platforms (Win, macOS, Android, iOS).

The main objective of the "In the same boat" initiative is to combine free offers from many companies and individuals all over the world, bring this information to users around the world and attract as many participants as possible to the initiative.

We are all in the same boat and we believe that now any, even small, help will contribute to the growth of optimism and will help people overcome this inconvenient time. We understand that our efforts may not be the most significant in overcoming epidemy of COVID-19 by humanity, but everyone can do something in their place and together we will be stronger.

We urge companies to provide special (commonly free of charge) conditions for healthcare and governmental organizations, businesses and individual users at their discretion.

Perhaps your product is now urgently needed and this will help the victims, reduce the likelihood of new infections, help the critical industries and businesses for functioning stably, just calm someone’s nerves and smooth out the monstrous tension that millions of people are in now.

Join now our "In the same boat" initiative!

Independent Software Developers Forum