The software and e-commerce markets are developing at a frantic pace. It is not easy for a small company or individual developer to stay abreast of all the latest developments. Software developers have therefore banded together into a non-commercial association known as the Independent Software Developers Forum (ISDEF). ISDEF represents and protects the interests of software developers and others active in the software industry.

The primary function of ISDEF is to support and improve the processes of software development and market introduction and promotion. To this end, the association:

  • organizes seminars, conferences and other forums for the exchange of expertise;
  • arranges events tackling the problem of computer piracy;
  • facilitates the creation and promotion of new software products.

ISDEF was formed in late 2002. It immediately established itself as an organization to be taken seriously, holding the first ISDEF Conference in September of the same year, which was attended by more than 300 developers, journalists, resellers, owners of software archives and others.

Whom does ISDEF benefit?

  • Software developers ISDEF helps them make their businesses successful.
  • Software users one of ISDEFs areas of activity is software quality-control.
  • Government ISDEF members join together in order to make the Russian software market a worthy part of the international IT industry.
  • The IT mass-media ISDEF is a steady and reliable source of objective information relating to the software and e-commerce sectors.
  • Businessmen interested in contacting software developers ISDEF is an excellent place to find potential business partners.