10/06/2008 ISDEF: Russian software market to reach $7 billion in 2009
ISDEF 2008, the seventh annual Independent Software Developers Forum conference, took place September 26-29 at the Holiday Inn Vinogradovo. The conference served as a forum for discussing growth strategies in the software businesses, the challenges of marketing and public relations in the IT sector, and the legal and managerial aspects of operating an IT company. Also, for the first time in ISDEF history, an investment section was held to attract investors to Russian IT projects.
08/20/2008 ISDEF announces registration for ISDEF2008 fall conference

ISDEF2008, the seventh fall conference, will take place on September 26-28 and will focus on the analysis of the current situation on the software market and the business challenges that IT companies face today. The event will take place in the Holiday Inn Vinogradovo hotel (Moscow).

07/15/2008 ISDEF and RUSSOFT announce partnership