16 APR' 20

Independent Software Developers Forum (ISDEF), which is the association of IT business owners, and RUSSOFT - the largest association of software companies in Russia, report that new IT companies have joined their «In the same boat» initiative.

The initiative brings together free solutions and products from different companies and individual developers around the world. Emailindetail, SPIRIT, FTS Russia, Zello, Aladdin R.D., Inoventica Services, EMDEV, NTOR and AdGuard have joined into the initiative to provide their flagship solutions for government agencies, medical institutions, businesses and private users during the pandemic period. As part of the, IT companies are providing opportunities for free usage of their software products and services, supporting users during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Pavel Kozlovsky, Chairman of the Board of the ISDEF Association

«In times of crisis, business and consumers cannot consciously plan budgets and financial flows, and they direct all cash if any only to the most urgent needs. In such a period, mutual support and help from each to everyone is more important than ever. This applies to all of us, and therefore it is important that as part of the initiative, developers support not only organizations involved in life support, but also ordinary home and business users, as well as educational institutions. I’ll note the participation of more than 10 companies from among the regular members of the ISDEF Association».

Participants of the initiative «In the same boat» urge companies to join this open initiative and provide, if possible, free conditions for healthcare, government organizations, businesses and individual users at their discretion!

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