ISDEF 2010, the ninth annual fall conference organized by the Independent Software Developers Forum (ISDEF), will take place September 30 - October 3at the Holiday Inn Vinogradovo in Moscow. The event will focus on the analysis of the international software market and the issues that IT companies currently face. The owners, top managers and leading professionals from various IT and Internet companies will be attending along with the marketing experts, journalists, consultants and representatives of Western and Russian investment funds and PR agencies.

The main topic to be covered at the conference are Soft 2.0:

  • Clouds / virtualization / SaaS;
  • Social networks / communities;
  • Mobile technologies.

For the first time in ISDEF history, the event will feature a session dedicated to the interaction between developers, banks and consulting companies. The workshop will focus on the comparison of different national legislations, research of tax policies in different countries and business management abroad in general.

The investment workshop will be held for the third time and will give its participants an opportunity to present their reports (during the theoretical part) and make presentations of their investment projects (practical part).

The fee for attending the conference is $200. ISDEF members can attend for free.

You must register to take part in the conference!

IMPORTANT: All foreign nationals are required to have entry visas to travel to the Russian Federation.