The International Software Developers Forum (ISDEF) announces the free seminar ISDEF-Start, which is to be held on October 5, on the first day of the ISDEF 2006 conference, at the Sokolniki Holiday Inn.
Such a seminar is being held for the very first time. Its basic aim is to provide support for young Russian software developers. Within the framework of the seminar participants will hear presentations devoted to the basics of working in the software market.

  • the creation of a quality product and how to set up a proper marketing plan;
  • marketing fundamentals in the software market;
  • protection from unlicensed copying;
  • legal and financial aspects of operation.

ISDEF-Start will become a platform upon which established software producers will share their expertise with young colleagues. A number of senior Russian shareware developers will be invited to the seminar; these experienced developers will answer questions from participants upon conclusion of the presentations.

Mikola Rudenko, moderator of the ISDEF-Start seminar and of the popular shareware-society SWRUS, notes: “Within the five years of the association’s existence, the majority of the ISDEF member companies have made great progress, as evidenced by the primary orientation of today’s conferences – the emphasis on investment and financial issues, as well as the opening up of new markets. Everything related to the early stages of development and entry into the market now seems obvious and second nature to us, and to not require any special attention. But at one time in the not-so-distant past many things were in fact revelations. The valuable experience accumulated by shareware gurus will help prevent many beginning developers from repeating the mistakes of others.”

“This kind of support for beginning Russian software developers will definitely facilitate both the development of the internal software market, and the growth of product exports to the West”, comments Felix Moochnik, Chairman of the ISDEF Board of Directors. “Because of this, we decided to make the seminar free-of-charge and as accessible as possible for all those who are just starting to operate in the software distribution market.

Register for the free ISDEF-Start seminar

We would like to point out to those planning to attend the ISDEF 2006 conference that, if you wish to participate in the seminar, you must register for it separately.