05th October 2006, Thursday

Shareware Marketing Basics

no photo available Mykola Rudenko

Shareware as a kind of Software marketing.
Minimum requirements to start selling your product worldwide.
Optimizing your initial marketing investments.
Accepting payments.

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Topic language Russian
Duration 45 min.
Start time 14:30 - 15:15
Location Sokolniki

Author Rights ABC

no photo available Dmitri I. Dubograev

International Legal Counsels PC
Understanding copyright law and its application.
Use of the "Copyright" mark.
Understanding trademarks.
Registration of trademarks.
Territoriality of trademarks.
What is an EULA?
The necessity of concluding an agreement with a user before a product is used.
Recommendations concerning drafting an EULA.
Resellers. Their legal basis.
Specifics of concluding agreements with resellers.
Registrators. Their legal basis.
Types of agreements with registrators.
Answers to frequently asked questions relating to the legal basis of Shareware.
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Topic language Russian
Duration 45 min.
Start time 15:15 - 16:00
Location Sokolniki

Software Protection Technologies Overview

no photo available Stanislav Vinokurov

SmartLine Inc
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Topic language Russian
Duration 30 min.
Start time 16:30 - 17:00
Location Sokolniki

Selling Internet Projects

no photo available Vitas Ramanchauskas

Successful business is not for sale – why it is not true? Those who do not believe, try and buy some Google or Microsoft. Everything or almost everything is on sale, all that counts is the price.

Why do people sell their businesses? Typical reasons for sale.
Why do people buy businesses? They buy good business to make it brilliant.

Sales options:
- source files + (as an option) a non-promoted domain
– a more or less promoted project (typical shareware)
– real business. Why a typical shareware-developer business can not be called a business in its true meaning? Business criterion – the owner may leave for a month and it will not affect his business, how much does it cost? Evaluation principles and typical sales price. Why does an Internet project have lower value than traditional businesses, not to mention public trading companies.

what counts: -domain promotion, traffic, Google PR, Alexa rating.
–traffic features: searching machines share.
- product reputation; the methods of its estimation
- user data base
-trademarks and patents
- source files
-financial performance: sales return, Ads return, other returns; advertising cost, wages etc.
– risks and perspectives, sales order: NDA, financial performance study, logs etc. approval of price and terms, typical contract, escrow, transaction completion.
Where can one sell or buy a business?

Suggested references
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Topic language Russian
Duration 30 min.
Start time 17:00 - 17:30
Location Sokolniki

Shareware Industry Roles

no photo available Alexander Lyskovsky

Alawar Entertainment
* The process of development, distribution and sales of mass Software from the point of view of the process participants
* Standard individual roles: developer, software publisher, registrar, billing, affiliator etc.

* Adopted rates for each participant and relevant explanations

* Major market players and their positioning within the concept discussed
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Topic language Russian
Duration 30 min.
Start time 17:30 - 18:00
Location Sokolniki

Основы технологии оптимизации шароварного сайта под поисковики

no photo available Дмитрий Горбачевский
* Место поисковой оптимизация среди других видов маркетинга.
Для каких сайтов этот способ раскрутки главный.

* Специфика поисковой оптимизации шароварного сайта.

* Основная цель оптимизации - минимизация недополученного трафика закачек.

* Этапы оптимизации шароварного сайта. Шаг за шагом...

* Количественный анализ недополученного трафика закачек.

* Техника работы со страницей.

* Почему эту работу надо делать самому и регулярно.

* Анализ конкурентов. Технология чистой комнаты.

* Что можно узнать из анализа трафика.
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Topic language Russian
Duration 30 min.
Start time 18:00 - 18:30
Location Sokolniki