The Aims:

The primary aims of the association are: to support software development and promotion; to facilitate the growth and development of the e-commerce industry in the area of software; and to strengthen the position of Russian developers in the international software market.


Expertise-exchange between ISDEF members::

  • organizing conferences and seminars;
  • holding regular meetings for informal discussion;
  • the creation and support of Internet-conferences on issues relevant to association members.

Joining forces for resolving problems of computer piracy:

  • lobbying for appropriate legislation in government organizations;
  • obtaining support from software distributors;
  • consultations with lawyers on issues of intellectual property;
  • creating a culture of software license use among consumers. 

Representing the collective interests of software producers:.

  • in government organizations;
  • in the international software market;
  • in the mass-media, etc.

The organization of mutually-beneficial partnerships between members of the association (software developers) and others active in the e-commerce market such as software archives, software registration services, resellers, etc. 

Testing and certification of the programming products of ISDEF members.

Publication of printed materials related to the association.

The establishment of grants and special funds for supporting the promotion of promising software products.

Assistance in the organization of effecitve processes of creation and promotion of programming products: 

  • protecting ISDEF members in disputes relating to copyright;
  • organizing consultations concerning legal, economic and technical issues.

Obtaining substantial discounts for ISDEF members for large-volume orders upon purchase of services (advertising, legal, design, etc).