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Section date(s) : 06.10.2006

Moochnick Felix, fmoochnick@gmail.com

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  • Opening address
  • Welcome speech from Ministry of IT and Comunication of Russia
  • Industry Statistics and Business Overview
  • Microsoft Partnership Programme and Resources for software developers - 2007
  • The Entrepreneur’s checklist: from good idea into a great business
  • IBM Programmes and Resources for developers
  • Russian Internet market dynamics. 2001-2006
  • Software company development strategy: How to achieve international success
  • Speech of welcome
  • Rewarding by PC Magazine/RE

Marketing, Advertising and PR

Section date(s) : 06.10.2006; 07.10.2006; 08.10.2006

Lyskovsky Alexander, lyskovsky@alawar.com

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  • How to Price Your Software
  • 5 questions about marketing that concern any manager (and the answers, of course)
  • These blogs then, are they any good at all?
  • Particulars of software pricing
  • New method of software distribution
  • How to cooperate with Google
  • oneNetwork Affiliate Program
  • Partner Network: Rich or Famous?
  • Business Continuity or Time Is Money
  • A Round Table on Corporate Sales - One Subject Viewed by Two Parties
  • Media Planning for Software Companies in the Internet
  • Methods of Increasing the Efficiency of Contextual Advertising
  • Internet Efficiency Measurement
  • Promotion of Software Companies' Websites in Russian Search Engines
  • Holding a Press Conference as the Key PR Campaign Event
  • Developers Motivation Fund: When Money Goes First
  • Software publishing & Sales in German Speaking Europe
  • PR in Germany - how to start business in one of the biggest Software markets in the world
  • Working with media in the extreme conditions of an exhibition
  • A fatal mistake of software company's PR manager or practical tips for working with media
  • Working with western PR-agencies
  • Product or Service - Which Model Is the Better One?
  • Asian Markets Specifics
  • DOWNLOAD.RU as a means of promotion and sales on the domestic software market
  • Using Multi Variate Testing (MVT) to increase conversion rates
  • Additional revenues from affiliate networks, SEO and cooperation with software archives
  • CD as a lucrative means of software promotion and advertizing

Legal and Financial Issues

Section date(s) : 07.10.2006; 08.10.2006

Bakay Yuri, isdef@mindcruncher.com

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  • Trademarks and copyrights in shareware business
  • Remote development organization: common issues, finance, motivation
  • Once again, patents: would anyone like to be richer by a modest $100M?
  • Corporation building: little plan for a big success.
  • Patent mechanics in IT business
  • Specifics of distribution and reseller agreements in EU. Creation and management of IT company in EU.
  • Round table: Software piracy protection
  • Right to register software and database
  • Domain names and related legal issues.
  • Unauthorized Use of Someone’s Trademark in Search Engine Keyword Advertising.
  • Impleading and Administrative Prosecution for Breach of Software Developers' Rights in Eastern Europe

Investment in IT-Business

Section date(s) : 06.10.2006; 07.10.2006

Galitsky Alexander, alexander@galitsky.com

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  • Panel: Russian Investment Specifics or Year Summary Viewed by VC
  • Panel: Living with Investor
  • A Success Story - SWSoft about the World of Virtualization
  • How do we invest in early stages?
  • Investment Readiness: One, Two, Three - Ready!
  • Follow the Leader - IBM's Tornado programme
  • The evidence of virtual worlds profitability or getting investment on innovation projects
  • From an idea to business implementation
  • Why quality investment is required to build value
  • Maximizing Company Value Through Strategic Partnerships

Management and Automation in IT-Business

Section date(s) : 06.10.2006; 07.10.2006; 08.10.2006

Rovdo Alexey, alexey.rovdo@gmail.com

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  • Marketing at the software development company. How to make the tail wagging the dog?
  • Software project life cycle - from fantasy to routine
  • Time-management: how to be in time with life and job
  • Specifics of IT staff motivation and retention
  • International Distribution - Multi-Channel Strategies
  • Application difficulties with demand management in runaway companies
  • Feasibility analysis of starting a new business: from market analysis to estimation of investment efficiency and business plan development
  • What does the russian IT markets gurus keep back from us? And Why?
  • Increase of business effectiveness as an instrument of the company's growth
  • Increasing Online Sales
  • Flexible software developement methodologies: application issues
  • Expansion into markets abroad. Setting up of local offices
  • Controlling employees' work
  • Staff management through the conditions of the company’s impetuous growth. Luxoft’s successful experience. Twentyfold growth during five years
  • Typical mistakes in change management - russian practice
  • Application Service Providing (ASP) - flaws and success. A six-year experience of the IPI® Company
  • The Elements
  • The VoIP age: a new market for applications and a communication tool for your company
  • Local Markets versus Online Sales
  • «The right» localization
  • Qualitative localization by volunteers by the example of Allway Sync